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XCO Bundesliga - XC Track

The XC Track - go on attack!

Heubach offers an extra class course to licensed mountain bikers. On 4 km the course demands all drivers to the limit.

Condition and strength at the increases. Courage and driving skill in the extra difficult descents.

Those who want to be successful here must master all aspects of mountain biking perfectly. The track builders created in consultation with racers, land owners and the Nature Conservancy Authority a route that – after numerous requests and countless hours of work – can be seen.

It starts in the „Stellung” on a ground that the drivers can enjoy only very briefly – asphalt. Because it ends just after the first sharp curve and there begins an unbelievable increase. Initially 170 meters in altitude at a stretch, 1.5 km long, extremely steep and in the middle two narrow turns. If someone is still sitting on the bike, he/she deserves a few level meters to the „Wanderparkplatz”. Afterwards there is a more moderate increase further upwards. However, the pace will be tightened at the „SAV-Hütte”, as surely nobody will turn in the subsequent downhill last. This one leads from the „Kinderfestplatz” through the „Bones Valley”. Narrow curves, steep sections, rocks and trees demand power and concentration. After that the bikers should use the few level meters to revitalize themselves. As then a steep Z leads to the „Zorro Drop", where the bikers race straight down passing cheering spectators - braking doesn't help much! Adrenalin splashes out of the ears of the riders and fire sparkles out of the eyes of the audience. After the last piece downhill through the Expo area to the start and finish area even the toughest racers will hardly feel their forearms and probably do no longer know whether to laugh or cry.

In any case – we wish much fun in the next round!


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